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NPOS focuses on how to carry our partners and their businesses to a successful conclusion.
Take a look at what you can do by using NPOS for your business and how NPOS actually helps

How NPOS Helps to Run Your Store Efficiently
Multiple-Location Management
Access to multiple-location anywhere anytime
Smart Sales Dashboard
Timely, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. View detailed sales performance at a glance.
One-Finger Control
No backend Modify table & menu & orders Do split-billing by one-finger
All Device Access
Support for iOS, Android, Windows, and any other devices
Various languages Support
Seven languages : English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese
Convenient Features
Provide assorted options for discounts, cancellation management, split-billing, etc.
XERO Integration
Accumulate sales data and export into Excel files
SG QR Payment
Contactless payment integrated with DBS / POSB
In–POS Third-party Delivery
Provide assorted options for discounts, cancellation management, split-billing, etc.
Digital Menu & Ordering

Contactless menu and customer self-ordering for dine-in

The orders will be directly transferred to the kitchen. You can reduce time and labor costs as the waiter and waitress don’t have to go back and forth between the customer and kitchen. It doesn’t require any internet connection or the customer’s own device.

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QR Ordering

Scan QR code.
Send to POS

By scanning the QR code, the customer can see the digital menu and self-order with their mobile phone. Orders will be automatically updated on the POS system and the kitchen.

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Contactless_Ordering Contactless_Ordering
New QR code generated

New Customer New QR code

Generate and print out a new QR code whenever there’s a new customer. Customers will use the new QR code to see the digital menu. The QR code expires when they finish payment, so the new and old orders don’t get mixed up.

New QR code generated

Self-order on mobile phone

Don’t give the customer a paper menu. You don’t have to ask what they want to order. Customers can place a self-order with their mobile phones without help. It’s as simple as just selecting items and pressing the Order button.

Self-order on mobile phone
Auto-sending to POS & kitchen Auto-sending to POS & kitchen

Auto-sending to POS & kitchen

The POS and kitchen will receive the new order automatically. You don’t have to go to the customer to check their order or go to the counter to key in the new order. Just check the POS system to see the new order.

Auto-sending to POS & kitchen
Auto-sending to POS & kitchen

Online Ordering System

When a customer places an order online, the order is automatically entered into the store as POS. Shipping/pickup orders are available in POS and will be automatically sent to the kitchen. Save time to enter and verify online orders.


Lalamove integration

to match drivers

Click on the POS system to arrange Lalamove delivery. The delivery will pick up the goods at the store according to the system exact pickup time. An automated distribution system lets you have no other worries.


Features of Online Ordering

Delivery or Pick-up order choice

Detailed delivery fee setting

Order limitation

Order schedule calendar

PayNow integration

POS system integration

Set operating/delivery hours

Lalamove integration

Credit card available

Kiosk Ordering System

Just a Simple Tap Away!

Streamline operations with automated ordering and payment processes, potentially reducing labor expenses. It's a win-win scenario! Happier customers and a more efficient, cost-effective business model.

npos kiosk style
npos kiosk style

Simplified Design for Enhanced Accessibility

User-Friendly Kiosks for All Ages

Discover versatility with our kiosk product, offering options in POS-style, kiosk-style, and various colors. Designed for everyone, regardless of age or tech experience. Discover now for effortless customer satisfaction!

Staff Ordering

One-step ordering

Receive an order from a customer with a tablet linked to NPOS, which automatically transfers the orders to the kitchen.

Staff Ordering immediately reflects various customer requirements, such as orders, changes, cancellations, and requests.

Kitchen Display System Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

Smarter kitchen flow
Without order sheets

With KDS, the kitchen display system, your kitchen’s flow will be clearer and faster. Unlike traditional paper order sheets, you can keep tracking the order’s real-time status. Hence there’ll be no order missing. Sounds alerts, interactive with several different stations are also available.

Kitchen Display System

Number Display

No more queue
No more hassle

Give your customers their order numbers and simply tap the “Ready” button in the kitchen. Customer can check their order status on the number display.


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