[ Sale : +65 6246 3207, +65 8385 3574 ] Get a PSG grant of up to 50% on the NPOS management system.
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x Sneaker Con S.E.A x Kpay
We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with Kpay at the 2024 Sneaker Con S.E.A event. As NPOS, we showcased our innovative POS system, transforming the shopping experience. Keep an eye out for more news about our collaborations with others and making progress in the industry!
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Sneaker Con S.E.A
Npos X Sneaker Con S.E.A

NPOS's Kiosk Now Available at Hawker Center

Our kiosk is now at Hawker Center for quick, hassle-free food orders. It's as easy as a tap. Try it out today!

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NPOS & Payment Terminal
You can pay directly without using another device to type in the amount. This combined system is currently working in payment machines in Singapore and Malaysia.
Next generation of POS system

Simple and easy interface brings accuracy and effectiveness for your business

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Booking / Mobile & QR Queue / Marketing Message

Do you still manage your reservations by hand? Do you still line up customers in front of your restaurant? Manage bookings more efficiently and smartly with NEON and eliminate physical lines that reduce customer satisfaction.

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