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General questions

NPOS is a global POS system designed for retailers to use easily and efficiently. Its simple user interface will encourage your staff to learn fast how to operate the store and how to order smartly with staff ordering and Digital Menu Ordering. Please check out more information here here

Not only food & beverage business such as a cafe, take-out service or fine dining restaurant, but any kind of retail stores that need a POS system can use NPOS, including beauty shop, or even spas. You can manage multiple stores at once with NPOS as well

NPOS provides English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese services

Store Management

Easy-to-modify menu is one of the strengths of NPOS. You can add new items or edit and delete the existing menu and the price within a few seconds.

Yes, NPOS provides with sales and customer data to be transformed into actionable insights. You can get a complete understanding of your store and customers from visual overview of your data on the customizable dashboards.

The customizable back-office system of NPOS helps you manage multiple branch management. You can check all the data from your stores located in different locations at once. We also give a discount if you have several POS systems in two or more stores

NPOS was designed to be a global POS system which supports remote administration services you can reach NPOS wherever you are


You don’t necessarily need to connect to the internet to use POS systems. But for maintenance and auto-update, we recommend that the device be connected to the internet

Yes, you can. NPOS supports any device including PCs and laptops as well as tablet PCs and mobile devices if they meet the minimum specifications

You can choose to use either a local or cloud-based system for your store

We offer the orientation and training sessions for the staff as part of the installation process. Once your store starts using NPOS, you can reach out to our 24/7 customer service center whenever you have a question.