NSTORY started its journey questioning about making the better story about business people who operate and grow their business. There are multiple ethnicities and cultural elements in the market resulting diverse demands of retailors in the world and we support them with a smarter and easier software tools. NSTORY has helped people that manage and run businesses all over the world including Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, according to its philosophy as follow

Our Philosophy

Technology, human, and the world are the elements of our new story

New stories with

Focus on


Connection to the World


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Nstory aims to make a place everyone can interact and communicate on the same platform at anytime from anywhere. We call it “N-Platform”.

NPOS, the next generation point-of-sales system is the first step closer to the platform. It’s not just a point-of-sales system. It’s a way for people to interact with each other and make a new story with.


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Human-centered Service

Nstory believes people must come first than the technology. No matter how the technology is good, it should be easy for people to use and feel comfortable so we can create a story all together as a partner, not just as a service provider.

That why we promise to give continuing supports including business consulting, offline check-ups, software updates, and customization human to human to our clients.

24/7 Customer Service

Software Update



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Connection to the World

The latest goal of Nstory is to connect the world. A lot of countries including Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan are currently being connected through N-platform