NPOS is a consumer-oriented POS system

The POS system is so popular and familiar with us so when you go to any restaurant in Singapore, you can easily find everywhere using POS system.
However, most of POS systems focus on supplier-centered order / payment / settlement. We have found out that it’s inconvenient especially for consumers who are actually using it.

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Use NPOS with existing devices

Reuse of existing POS devices
You can only spend S$1,000 while using NPOS if all devices is reused

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NPOS Can be operated on any devices










About NPOS

With Advanced Korean IT/Software and diversity of Singapore, Nstory suggests new vision with trendy design and user-centered interface to clients. Founded in 2012, Nstory is IT company and we had developed NPOS System with advanced technologies and skills in 2018. Our goal is that providing convenience with intellectual new generation NPOS to our clients, and our high standard engineers offer high quality of technology service to our clients. We believe that Nstory will be the future of F&B IT Solutions with long-term partnership through trust.

  Global POS

Optimized POS System for Global Merchants

  Language Support

Support multiple languages at the same time

  Various Devices

Ability to use on your Smart Phone and PC anywhere, anytime

  Support Services

Provide the best technology supporting service

Staff ordering

Function for your waiter to take orders via tablets


We introduce major functions of NPOS System to you

  Theme setting

You can choose your preference Theme style, and you can apply your style Theme on NPOS system. It can apply on every equipment as well.

  Language setting

You can choose variety language on setting option. While using the program, you are able to change language what you want to.

  Automatic Promotion

You can set up discount rate for take-away/delivery order directly. While making payment, it will apply setting discount rate automatically for convenience.

  Happy Hour Promotion

We provide Happy Hour Promotion function with applying discount rate of each category on following your time setting

  Add Order

After you take an order, you still can add a take-away order (without GST).You can manually edit, add, and delete your menu and category freely.

  Printing out Receipt

In case of kitchen, divided by purpose of usage, You can designate to print out necessary menu order. In addition, You can manually edit font size and space freely.

  Printer Setting

You can manually choose and set which printer you want to choose on your iPad Ordering terminal

  Move, Divide, Combine of Table

You can move, divide, and combine table easily with Drag and Drop function on table screen.

  Payment Function

Ability of Payment function within one screen, This is one-touch payment screen to be easier and more convenient for everyone.

  Individual Discount/Bundle Discount/Overall Discount

Through payment window, You can apply Individual Discount/Bundle Discount/Overall Discount to make payment conveniently.

  Support Customer View

When make payments, customers are able to check their orders straight. In addition, You can survey customer's satisfaction with additional options. (You need Touch Monitor and Main console iPad)

  Closing Settlement/Payment Information/Current State of Cash drawer

You can check your closing settlement, payment information, and current state of cash drawer on NPOS Setting Screen at once.


Introduce Hardware for installing of NPOS System. You can buy additional hardware depending on your size of work place and your needs.
*These are Referential pictures. It might look different.

POS server & Customer touch View

Tablet PC (1 unit)

Basic features
Tablet PC (1 unit)

Main console iPad Pro

iPad Pro (1 unit)

Basic features
iPad Pro (1 unit)

Network Hub

New Network Hub (1 unit)

Basic features
New Network Hub (1 unit)

Counter Cash Drawer

Cash Drawer (1 unit)

Basic features
Cash Drawer (1 unit)

Receipt Printer

Ethernet/Wireless Printer (1 unit)

Basic features
Ethernet/Wireless Printer (1 unit)

Kitchen Printer

Ethernet/Wireless Printer (1 unit)

Additional features
Ethernet/Wireless Printer (1 unit)

Staff ordering (*iPad)

iPadMini/Tablet PC

Additional features
iPadMini/Tablet PC

Network Hub

New Network Hub

Additional features
New Network Hub


* Consider that license cost / installation fee, and call us for an accurate estimate and more detail.



annual payment : S$500
(last 2 months FREE)

Staff ordering license :

number of registerable menus


S$100 /MONTH

annual payment : S$1000
(last 2 months FREE)

Staff ordering license : up to 3

number of registerable menus
(Under 200)


S$150 /MONTH

annual payment : S$1500
(last 2 months FREE)

Staff ordering license : Unlimited

number of registerable menus

* Servers and devices can be purchased separately and installed on your computer (but, must be higher than recommended specifications). Please contact us for availability.

Contents Lite Professional Premium
Recommended specification
CPU: Intel celeron
HDD: ssd 64GB
CPU: Intel Core i3
HDD: ssd 64GB
CPU: Intel Core i5
HDD: ssd 128GB
POS Features
Modify, Add, Delete Menu
Automatic Promotion
Individual/Bundle/Overall Discount
Templet setting
Language Setting(English, Korean)
Printer Setting
Promotion Setting
Support Customer View
Cancel payment, Split the bill payment
Move/Divide/Combine of Table
Staff ordering license 3 Unlimited
POS`s paid function
Tracking the canceled Menu
Detailed report
Customer Stamp/Point
Waiting list
N menu (Recommended specification) Ipad Air 2 higher
Xiaomi pad 4 higher
Customer Management Solutions
Weekly/Monthly sales statistics
Weekly, Today top menu
Technology Service
Telephone consultation
Engineer travel reservation

Customer Center

Nstory always wait for you.


Yes, you can. The supply equipment might be different depending on the store size. If you want to know more details, please contact us.
Installation costs include the cost of deploying a POS server and the cost of deploying a business network for POS operations.
Yes, we do. When you send your menu excel file by email, we register the menu. If you have any change of menu, you can modify and manage the menu directly from the POS system.
It depends on type of license. There are two types of license such as a purchase type and a lease type. For purchase type, you can pay only one time, for lease type, you can pay every month or every year for license fee.
Starting with the second store, a separate discount is applied to get the discount of license.

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